Emotional Responses

Application: Physical/Digital Products & Services, Purchasing Processes, Loyalty and Customer Experience.

UserEmotion.com is the result of 3 years of research, where we have validated diverse forms of interaction, refined the capture of information, the emotional conversion and its value for the innovation in companies. A tool thought to work with Customer Experience, Design for Service and Design for Emotion.

Results: We can identify the emotional flow of the user on having completed a task, having recognized its facial microexpression, the negative stimuli and having validated if the experience of use answers to a Visceral, Behavioral or Reflexive layer.

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Biological Responses (EEG/EKG)

Biology is the mechanism that automatically reacts to the environment, making it impossible to control.

Our research analyzes the biological responses of people to interact with a product and/or service.

We work with terminals EEG BCI-high performance biosensors and medical EKG type.

Application: Immersive Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Customer Service, Service Design, eCommerce and Transactional sites.

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The EyeTracking collects user information, identifying where they set eyes, facilitating analysis of their eye movements.

The service includes test preparation according to project, conducting tests in different work environments and rent + consulting UX internal equipment in equipment if necessary

Application: Usability Troubleshooting, Digital Products' Optimization, internal UX/CX teams, Video Marketing Campaigns and Trailers.

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Human Behavior into Virtual Reality

Application: Immersive VR Games and Passive Experience Apps.

Virtual Reality (VR), has a mixed nature that isolates the user from 'the reality', inhibiting their senses of sight, hearing, touch, time and travel for a short period of time to "reconnect" when presenting the virtualized environment.

We apply different methods to measure the experience, understanding human behavior and identify 'how' relations are established after the change of the subjectivity of the user.

Results: We can identify patterns of user behavior in different environments of virtual reality.


Academic Partners

Need international academic certification? We have an exclusive agreement with the Autonomous University of the West and the EXPIN Medialab (Colombia), so we can certify your projects under standards of Usability Engineering with a serious entity and honored for innovation.
Access Usability studies Quantitative and Qualitative, EyeTracking & HCI into IoT/Ubicomp.


Invest in Research

In Posmo we devote a much time to carry out Users Behavior Research, which is very useful to develop and improve products & services. We have devices BCI-EEG , Biosensors , Eyetracking and a complex Biometric System Emotional Detection to validate the experiences user.

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