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Paranomasias LMS (eLearning)

Learn wherever and whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV or a Laptop. Your content will always be accessible.

Paranomasias is a platform of the Learning Management System (LMS) type developed to improve the experience of learning with html5 technology and responsive design that allows the content to be accessible from any platform.

Compatibility: You can use learning objects in html5 to improve the experience of your students, beside you can migrate full courses from other platforms as Dokeos, Moodle, Claroline y Chamilo.

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CX Tool:It measures the emotional biological and cognitive conditions of your users.

Based on the User-Emotion Analysis (UEA) model developed by Alexis Brantes & Posmo, it mixes Neuroscience, Biology and Cognitive Psychology in a platform oriented to the Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Experience (CX).

Compatible with User-Centered Design processes (UCD), Usability Tests, UX Strategy, Design for Service and Design for Emotion.

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Apps for Companies

Handmade Solutions.

Every company has unique needs subject to contexts of use, KPI, make resources profitable, Investment Return and confidentiality.

Our services give a tangible and efficient solution that always establishes a ROI (Return of Investment) clearly, with a Roadmap of reliable and flexible work modality (Kanban).

Application: Apps for iOS, Android, WatchOS, tvOS and Mac OSX. Home automation and virtual Environments.

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a360 (eCommerce)

Get the best eCommerce system for your company.

a360 is a platform of eCommerce with all the benefits of a good Content Management System (CMS) developed to improve the experience of purchasing of the users.

Your products in a new channel of sales,
a platform developed for today shopper.

Don’t lose a sale because of a bad design, a poor integration of methods of payment or because your site isn’t seen on the smartphone. We help you with a plan of constant improvement

Compatibility: All the Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, PC's and enclosed SmartTV.


Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR)

Develop Exclusive experiences powered by deep stimuli with Head Mounted Display (HMD).

HMD is a device with sensors that detects your movements, rotations and displacements.
This information generates a virtual image, which contains the same point of view of the user.
In other words, we get your the whole world in your head. .

It simulates virtual environments with 3 options of development:


Ideal para desarrollos de alta fidelidad como Videojuegos, Showrooms, Simulaciones realisticas, Trabajo remoto y Turismo.


Ideal for developments of high loyalty like Showrooms, Simulations, remote Practices and environment recognition.

Google CardBoard

Surprise your clients with a gift that they can take home. It shows spaces, stimulates the visit and strengthes links.

Watch the live demo of a game for HTC VIVE developed by our partner EfectoWOW: