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Our Services:

Competitive Benchmark

Observe > Understand > Evolve.

It is a constant process that allows you to understand what your environment does, to discover weak and strong points to improve your performance.

To analyze the industry, it's influences, and how carring to your clients’ needs give you the control of the environment.

Our Reports focus on discovering what it is necessary to improve and what elements allow you to give a quantum jump in relation to the companies.

Application: Customer Service, Corporate Image, Digital Reputation, Purchasing Processes, Loyalty and Customer Experience

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Our Services:

Emotional Benchmark

Emotion is an impulse for the action and represents 85% of decision making.

Our reports cover emotional and cognitive aspects. Discover the affective value that your product or service wakes up in your users.

We carry out Cognitive Perception’s Test, Qualitative Research and User Emotion Analysis (UserEmotion.com)

Application: Customer Service, Design for Service, eCommerce and Transactional sites

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Our Services:

UX/CX Expert Review

Deep diagnosis analysis.

Our services are oriented to a deep analysis of the products and/or services in relation to the interaction by the users.

Our reports address research, analysis, design solution, functional development, usability and user's perception.

Application: Diagnosis of Usability problems, Services Improvement (eCommerce, SNS, CMS, etc), Products Optimization (Apps, Digital TV, LMS, etc) and Start-up companies support.

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Our Services:

Emotion Driven Design

Builds credibility and loyalty.

Emotions play a vital role in every period of our lives. We are experts understanding, measuring and designing emotional impact in the context of digital and physical products, services and interactions.

The team behind this service: Marco van Hout (link), Pamela Donoso Oggero (link) y Alexis Brantes Rodríguez (link)

Our Service is a study of how a product or service impacts the end user to design an immersive, memorable and transcendent experience.

Application: Service Design, Product Design, Purchase process improvement and Loyalty.


We help you innovate, study and develop

Do it in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands or Spain

Human Behaviour Studies

Do you know what your users? Study in environments eCommerce, eLearning, Mailing, CMS, SNS, Campaigns and Landing Pages.

Web Development

Solutions Deploys Real! Use CMS, LMS, eCommerce, SNS, WebApps and Mini Games in your favor.

Immersive Technology

Be part of the 3rd wave of technology! Make projects with Immersive Virtual Reality, Affective Computing and Ubicomp.

Brand Construction

Develop the behavior and unique essence of your brand. We help you with unique and effective tools tailored to your customers.

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Invest in the formation of your team, improve their skills with UX, IXD, CX, Usability, HCI, HMI & Design for Emotion.

Remote Tests

Carry out Usability’s Tests and Remote Test in Latin America and Europe.

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